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Original Gonzales Memorial Museum, 1936

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Rooted in the Birthplace of Texas, TSG Architects has a great appreciation for historic preservation. From giving the Crystal Theater a face lift, to restoring the Walnut Ridge mansion, this is a service we are proud to offer to our clients.


TSG has worked on numerous historic preservation project in Gonzales County. Most notably, our team has worked with the City of Gonzales on the famous Gonzales Memorial Museum. This extensive project includes multiple phases to undertake this large task. Built in the 1936, the building commemorated the centennial of Texas Independence. Housing the famous "Come and Take It" canon, the building has become worn and has lost its original grandeur of what it represents.


Dedicated to preserving the history of the great state of Texas, TSG teamed with the City of Gonzales to restore this most historic Texas building. The initial phase included a careful and thorough cleaning of the exterior stone of the building. Documents have been prepared for further restoration, but are awaiting funding to move forward. Other restoration that has been documented includes a new below-grade drainage system, new windows, mural protection on the interior, and renovated interior display cases. Additionally, an amphitheater in the back of the museum is to be restored so that it can again be an event space for the surrounding community.

Gonzales Memorial Museum, 2014

Post Exterior Restoration and Cleaning, 2015

Currently, the Randle-Rather Building in the center of downtown Gonzales is receiving a preservation and restoration treatment. This project has a special place in our hearts, since the third floor of the Randle-Rather Building houses the TSG Architects team. The scope includes cleaning and repointing the beautiful regional stone on the exterior of the building. Additionally, the interior lobby and stairs will be renovated from years of wear. The restrooms and other finishes will be replaced to prepare for new tenants. The first and second floor of the building have been vacant for some time now, but after the renovation, the building will be filled with new tenants and new life.

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