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The TSG team relies on Revit to produce conceptual plans, construction documents, realistic renderings, and other three-dimensional visuals. Revit is an AutoDesk BIM program, or Building Information Modelling. BIM allows a design team to create a living, three-dimensional model of each building project.


These models allow Clients to view their building as more than a flat linework drawing. BIM offers a holistic view of the project, which helps the Client view what the building will look and feel like. Think of the program as a tool for you to communicate with your architect.


In addition to a better visual understanding of the space for you, the Revit model allows for a better coordination effort between the consultants as well. Great design happens when the architect and consulting team is in sync. Revit and building modelling is a tool that fosters that coordination.


We can pull amazing renderings from the building model for you to use as a marketing tool or just to further understand your building project. Renderings are sprinkled throughout our project profiles in our work. Below is a selection of some of our latest renderings to come out of Revit:


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